Twitter Allows Blue Check Comedian to Call For Burning Down White Neighborhoods so Others Can Take Over

Despite the fact that Twitter has been ‘fact-checking’ and censoring President Trump’s tweets and banning many conservatives from the platform altogether, anti-white propaganda seems to find itself thriving and right at home on Jack Dorsey’s platform.

While over 140 cities have seen large protests, many with violent looters and rioters, calls for anti-white hate is growing. Blue check verified ‘comedian’ AAkaash Sing tweeted out on the 29th:

“Honestly if you can burn down white neighborhoods so companies are afraid to move back there. Then after the property value lowers enough, buy the neighborhood mad cheap and rebuild it. This is a real opportunity to flip the gentrification cycle.” SEE TWEET:

The fact that the tweet is 3 days old and has almost 700 retweets and almost 800 likes so far means that it has had time to get enough exposure and there’s a likelihood someone at Twitter has seen this and allowed it to remain, although that can’t be proven without a shadow of a doubt.

Meanwhile, President Trump is calling for Governors to get tougher on looters and rioters around the country that has persisted since the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota.

These opportunists continue to push their radical left-wing hatred despite calls from Floyd’s brother to be peaceful. Time will tell if Twitter continues to allow this type of hatred to exist or if Singh’s comedic career is affected in any way for this extreme racial propaganda. Yesterday it was reported that an Antifa Account was indeed removed by Twitter for calling for rioters and looters to move into suburbs.