U.S. Rep Bradley Byrne Writes Letter to Adam Schiff Demanding Access to ‘Sham Impeachment’ Transcripts

“They don’t want me to know what’s going on down here, they don’t want you”, U.S. Rep Bradley Byrne (R) says in part of a video he released yesterday. Byrne represents the 1st Congressional district in Alabama and has done so since 2014. In the clip, he is seen walking down the stairs to go to the basement of the Capitol to deliver a scathing letter to House Intelligence Chairman and U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D). He goes on, “they don’t want the American people to know, this is a hatchet job, this is a coup, and they’re trying to do it in secret. I’m going to challenge that right now”.



As you can see in the above video, Rep. Byrne took to Facebook to post a clip documenting his letter delivery to Schiff. Many Republicans are using the tool of social media to make their case against the Democrats Trump impeachment push as they have been trying to fight back. This comes in the wake of pundits and constituents saying Republican lawmakers aren’t doing enough to stand up for President Trump.

Byrne captioned his Facebook video:

“Byrne: Sham Impeachment Resolution Deputizes Democrats as Prosecutor, Judge and JuryToday Democrats breached House rules to deny me access to transcripts of Adam Schiff’s impeachment depositions. They don’t want me – or you – to know what’s going on deep in the basement of the Capitol. Americans should be outraged at this political coup against Donald J. Trump!”

Recently Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz also pushed back, filing an ethics complaint on Rep. Schiff yesterday. While the Democrats continue their push to impeach President Trump, it seems like they might be facing headwinds since Trump released the transcript on the phone call between himself and the Ukranian president that started all this mess in the first place.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) has moved the ‘secret impeachment’ inquiry meetings to go to an official House vote, but the Democrats have set the rules for that too. That vote is scheduled for later today.

Meanwhile, President Trump is attempting to continue ‘business as usual’, at least as much as he can. Other Republican House members have also pushed back a lot including but not limited to Reps Lee Zeldin, Jim Jordan, House minority whip Steve Scalise and House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, and not one GOP Rep has signed on as a yes vote for Pelosi’s impeachment resolution. Some Democrats, however, have said they will vote no though, including New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew. He recently stated on the record: “I would imagine that I’m not voting for it”.

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