UPDATE: Trump Supporter Tackled by Bernie Sanders Security Files Assault Charges

This is the third part in a saga we have been following about an allegedly peaceful Trump supporter who attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Virginia Beach on February 29, 2020. We initially covered the story as it was reported on social media, then subsequently when Markus Gohring, the alleged victim, hired a local attorney.

Upon hiring Attorney Tim Anderson, it was announced that legal action was being considered against Virginia Wesleyan University, potentially for liability, and assault charges against the security guard who tackled him as he was leaving the Sanders rally.

The latest update is that charges have been filed on behalf of Gohring, as some of the local news finally picked up the scoop as well. Jason Marks of local NBC affiliate Wavy TV 10 tweeted out: “BREAKING: Victor Dorsey, Director of Virginia Wesleyan Security charged with assault after video shows him tackling Trump supporter at Bernie Sanders rally.” Yes, you read that right, “DIRECTOR” of Virginia Wesleyan Security… see below:

Wavy TV 10 reported: “Gohring said he stood outside the event at Virginia Wesleyan University for an hour waving a flag before he was approached by a campus security officer.

At that point, Gohring decided to leave, but as he was walking away, security followed.

Video shows the security officer grabbing Gohring’s flag. Then, the officer physically begins to pull Gohring across the parking lot. Both Gohring and the officer then fall to the ground. Gohring suffered scrapes on his knees.

The charge against Dorsey was filed Wednesday night.”

Virginia Wesleyan claims via a spokeswoman that the videos on social media don’t tell the whole story. They imply that prior to the altercation with the security guard, Gohring had done things to agitate the situation that led up the tackling but they don’t say exactly what. “Virginia Wesleyan University holds freedom of speech and open dialogue at the deepest core of its values. However, when the conversation turns to physical violence and becomes a threat to public safety, it will not be tolerated on our campus,” See the report from Wavy TV 10 here. Stay tuned for more updates to this bizarre story.