Vernon Jones Floats Possible GA Gov Run, Would Discontinue Use of Dominion Voting Machines if Elected

Earlier today, we reported that former Georgia state rep Vernon Jones tweeted that he was “looking closely at Georgia’s race for Governor” and that “If it weren’t for Brian Kemp, Donald Trump would still be President of these United States.”

It was unclear at that point if that meant he was considering running himself, but subsequent tweets have made it clear that he is.

In the first tweet, Jones targeted the recent controversy over transgender athletes in sports and said, “If I were Governor, women’s sports would remain WOMEN’s sports. Period.”

Last week, we reported that South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem (R) backtracked on a bill to ban transgender youth from playing sports with the opposite sex that they were born as. It appears as though she has been under pressure, and now plans to make an exception for sports on the collegiate level.

In his second tweet, Jones again took aim at the current Republican governor of his state, Brian Kemp.

“It’s been 130+ days since the 2020 Presidential Election and @GovKemp still hasn’t discontinued use of Dominion Voting Machines,” Jones bemoaned.

Jones insisted, “If I run for Governor and am elected, I’ll take immediate steps to do it on DAY ONE.”

Recently, Stark County Commissioners in Ohio rejected the purchase of more than 1,400 new Dominion voting machines after local Trump supporters in Stark County, home to Canton, voiced their complaints and beliefs about Dominion voting machines.

From GPB:

Following the attacks of the company’s reputation, Dominion has offered to work with local officials to save its business, while company’s employees continue to endure death threats.

Dominion has filed three defamation lawsuits against former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell; MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell; and Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Each is being sued for $1.3 billion in damages.

Jones has also updated his profile and cover photos on Twitter today. The update to his cover photo is now a picture of him with Trump giving a thumbs up. If he were to run for governor, it would certainly be possible that the former president would endorse him.

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