VIDEO: Bondi and Lewandowski Claim PA Officials Not Complying with Court Order

Previously we reported that GOP officials had been granted access to watch ballots being counted in Pennsylvania for the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden that has not yet been called. It was then reported that Democrat and officials were not complying and that the PA Supreme Court overturned the original order, but in fact, that doesn’t appear to be the case as of this writing.

It appears as though the order to allow GOP officials access has been appealed with the PA Supreme Court but there hasn’t been a ruling yet. Trump team officials Pam Bondi believes that means that the order is in effect and not being followed.

“Trump Team: “The Sheriff of your county will not come down and enforce a court order. What is going on in this city?! What are you hiding?!””

In the video below you can see officials claiming to be in compliance but also not denying not allowing GOP officials access, which doesn’t add up. It appears the Pennsylvania officials trying to keep GOP watchers out are stalling for time in our view as they await the state Supreme Court appeal. WATCH:

The only question left to be asked is if everything is being done by the book related to ballots in PA being counted, why are they trying to hard to keep watchers out? If nothing else it’s a bad look for those who are in charge of valuable and uncounted ballots.

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