Video: Memorial Day Weekend Teenage Beach Goers Struggle to Answer Basic History Questions

A recent viral video shows Liberty Hangout’s Kaitlin Bennett interviewing Memorial Day weekend teenage beach goers and asking them basic history questions.

The teenagers struggle to answer the questions, with a couple admitting that they are bad at history.

The video begins with Bennett asking one teen, “Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?”

“It’s not Independence Day… I’m horrible at history,” the teen responds.

The video then cuts to another teen who suggests, “I know memorial has something to do with death.”

“For people that died, for all our homies that passed away,” a teen with another group then responds in the video, to which Bennett wonders, “Any specific homies?”

Bennett then asks that group “Where is Pearl Harbor?”

There is a mixture of answers, all of them incorrect. Bennett is shown asking people other questions regarding the Boston Tea Party, the Civil War, World War II, and the Branches of the Military, to which a variety of wrong answers are given.

In a tweet, Bennett said, “These beach goers have NO CLUE why we celebrate Memorial Day, think that Pearl Harbor is in Florida, that we fought England in WW2, and that Rosa Parks was President during the Civil War.”

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