VIDEO: President Trump Puts Rude Reporter on Notice: “That’s a Nasty Question”

PBS News Hour White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor got a dose of her own medicine today, (no pun intended) when she asked President Trump a question at his speech to the nation today regarding the emergency management of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the event, where President Trump was foretold to be declaring a national emergency, many questions were taken. One such by Alcindor was about Trump “disbanding the White House Pandemic Office” where she asked what responsibility he takes for that.

“I just think it’s a nasty question” Trump responds. He goes on to describe his explanation more in the clip below posted by Shannon Watts captioned:

“It’s a nasty question,” Donald Trump says to @Yamiche when she asks if he takes responsibility for eliminating an office dedicated to pandemic prevention. Trump claims he doesn’t know anything about it.” See below:

At the speech today President Trump also took the time to explain to the nation the plan to work with corporations to come up with plans to have drive-through testing for hot spot areas with the Coronavirus. Although the stock market took a brutal beating this week, it ended on a high note, skyrocketing higher the entire time President Trump was addressing the nation.

USLibertyWire Reported on the story:

Of course, some reporters couldn’t not take the opportunity to showboat.

One that stood out and who Trump quickly shut down was Yamiche Alcindor.

Yamiche works at PBS and at NBC and she took a cheap shot at Trump and asked him a rude question. The office she is talking about was like 4 four people and John Bolton got rid of it during a reorganization by folding it into another group.

Believe me, the fate of our country did not rest in the hands of four mid-level bureaucrats and it is crazy to even try to suggest it.

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