Video Resurfaces of Mike Pence Throwing Shade on Donald Trump’s Classified Documents After Pence Now Found to Have Classified Documents Too

Earlier today we reported that former Vice President Mike Pence has now joined the classified documents club so to speak. Pence has previously said he did not take classified documents after his time as Vice President to President Donald Trump.

It appears Pence is “cooperating” as his situation unfolds. However, the possible 2024 contender wasn’t so nice about this when he was asked about former President Donald Trump’s classified documents.

So far, Trump is the only one between Trump, Pence, and Biden to be raided by the FBI even though Democrats say the DOJ is treating all cases with the same fairness.

“Do you see any reason for anyone to take classified documents…” Mike Pence was asked, after the Trump Mar-a-Lago situation. Pence said he “did not” take any classified documents. He then said to the question, “there’d be no reason for anyone to take classified documents, particularly in an unprotected area…”


Will Mike Pence apologize to Donald Trump? We don’t think so but anything can happen. Why are all these documents popping up left and right? It’s anyone’s guess at this point I suppose.

Perhaps this will change what the GOP Primary for the 2024 presidential race will look like. We all know some politicians are resilient and others fold like a cheap deck of cards when the going gets tough.

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