Mike Pence Joins the Classified Documents Club as His Indiana Home has Been Storing them, he Tells Congress

After former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI, many thought (and still think) the country was turning into a banana republic. Some suggested Trump might go to jail. Others said he may not be able to run for president again. Then there is of course the shocking precedent of raiding a former president’s home.

The plot has thickened now, as now President Joe Biden has been found with classified documents in various places from his time as vice president with Barack Obama. Many think the Democrats may be getting rid of Biden and will be happy with any Democrat in the White House as opposed to Donald Trump.

This is just a theory, but if true, may set precedent if Biden gets in big trouble, for it to also happen to Trump. As the world monitors all this, breaking news says that now former Vice President Mike Pence has been found to have classified documents in his Indiana home.

This could affect his potential chance to run for president now too, if not legally, by giving his opponents fodder against him in a campaign should he run. Many Republicans don’t have the ability to mentally battle accusation after accusation as Donald Trump has appeared to have had over the year for example. Fox News reported in part:

Vice President Mike Pence informed Congress Tuesday that he discovered documents bearing classified markings in his Carmel, Indiana, home on Jan. 16 from his time as vice president.

Following the revelations that classified documents from President Biden’s tenure as vice president were found at the Penn Biden Center think tank and Wilmington, Delaware, the vice president’s team conducted searches of Pence’s Indiana home and the office of his political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom.

This is a quickly developing situation and we may add pertinent new details as they continue to potentially unfold. Historically, Donald Trump would be defending Mike Pence, however, since they’ve gone different ways politically, it may be the opposite, but we will see.

The internet has erupted with responses and opinions, some of which were negative:

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