Violent Protests Quelled in Lancaster After Bail Set At $1M For Initial Arrestees, County Has Republican DA

Violent protests broke out Sunday night after an officer shot and killed a man who charged at him with a knife. Multiple videos showed protesters throwing things at officers and buildings as well as blocking streets and setting fires.

Republican Heather Adams is the first female attorney of Lancaster county and she issued a statement following that night of unrest

“This office fully supports the right to gather and peacefully protest, however, the riotous behavior exhibited last night is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Such lawless conduct only takes away from those working with the community to address issues worthy of discussion. Make no mistake, those who cannot peacefully protest and instead resort to violence will be prosecuted and held fully accountable,” Adams said.

Officers made a total of 13 arrests that night and every suspect who has been given arraignment so far as received a $1M bail except one who is being held on a detainer because he was on probation.

Last night, video shows a protester telling other protesters through what sounds like a megaphone that they “can not do this, you have to understand, you all are going to be arrested. It is not worth it.”

Ian Miles Cheong speculated that “Black Lives Matter activists in Lancaster are all skittish and afraid of getting arrested because they just learned that bail is being set at 1 million dollars. Lancaster is not Portland.”

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