Ted Cruz Decries Apparent Egging of Child at Delaware Pro-Trump Rally: ‘Rational Adults… Do Not Do This’

On Sunday, Republican and America First candidate for Senate Lauren Witzke shared a video from a Pro-Trump rally that showed a young girl with what appeared to be egg splattered on the top of her.

Witzke posted about the purported incident, “Today, in Joe Biden’s town, a child was egged during our pro-Trump rally by hateful leftists.” She also shared screenshots from the rally and said, “The radical left eggs and humiliates little children. This happened in YOUR town by YOUR supporters Joe Biden. Disgraceful!!”

Ted Cruz retweeted the video taken of Witzke and the girl and said, “Rational adults, civilized human beings, people with even a shred of decency…DO NOT do this.”

Witzke also retweeted an article written by The Blaze on the incident and thanked the Delaware State Police “for investigating this hate crime by radical leftists against little children.”

In the video, Witzke said, “So we’re out here at the Trump bus and I wanted to show you these hateful liberals will do to little children. This is what happened, they drove by and threw eggs at little children. We’re waiting on the police to get here, but look, it’s all in her hair and she was just standing there.”

The sound of car horns blare as Witzke continued, “This is a hate crime right here, just for being conservative, little children being egged, it’s disgusting.”

The last primary of the election season is today and Witzke is on the ballot to be her party’s Senate general election nominee against attorney Jim DeMartino. DeMartino lost attempts to unseat Delaware’s House speaker in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

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