Virginia Delegate Who Said ‘Funding Israel is Worse Than the KKK’ Now Says White Supremacy Thrives on Law Enforcement in Push to Remove Qualified Immunity

Previously I have covered Democrat Delegate Ibraheem Samirah from Virginia in Politics Elections thoroughly, including but definitely not limited to his victim card-playing when he was asked about ‘Sharia Law’ upon getting elected instead of just giving a straight answer. He was busted saying ‘funding Israel is worse than the KKK’ on an old social media post that he now claims he shouldn’t be held accountable for because it was too long ago basically.

This piece came out shortly after I also reported in Media Right News that Samirah rudely interrupted one of President Trump’s speeches in Jamestown Virginia with pro-immigrant signs and yelling “you can’t send us back!”

Now Samirah is back, pushing the dismantling of qualified immunity for police officers in Virginia, which has now passed the House of Delegates and waits for its fate in the Virginia Senate. Both chambers of the state legislature are now dominated by Democrats, but the Senate has a few moderates and anything can happen, in theory anyway.

In a speech exposed by the Virginia GOP, Samirah trashes local police and says funding needs to be shifting, and that they shouldn’t be relied on by black and brown communities. I wonder what he thinks ‘white’ communities should do? He also says that ‘White Supremacy is inscribed into every facet of law enforcement’. This is what you voted for Virginia, and now this is what you’re getting. WATCH:

In case you didn’t think it could get worse, Samirah pushed last year to outright ban single-family residential zones, something President Trump has accused Joe Biden of being for, but Biden has pushed back on it. The Daily Caller reported last year in part:

The measure could quickly transform the suburban lifestyle enjoyed by millions, permitting duplexes to be built on suburban lots in neighborhoods previously consisting of quiet streets and open green spaces. Proponents of “upzoning” say the changes are necessary because suburbs are bastions of segregation and elitism, as well as bad for the environment.

The move, which aims to provide “affordable housing,” might be fiercely opposed by local officials throughout the state, who have deliberately created and preserved neighborhoods with particular character — some dense and walkable, others semi-rural and private — to accommodate people’s various preferences.

But Democrats tout a state-level law’s ability to replace “not in my backyard” with “yes, in your backyard.”

House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah, a Democrat, introduced six housing measures Dec. 19, coinciding with Democrats’ takeover of the state legislature in November.

“Single-family housing zones would become two-zoned,” Samirah told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Areas that would be impacted most would be the suburbs that have not done their part in helping out.”

Virginia Republicans should pay very close attention because, without strong pushback, the radical left-wing talking points and actions are only going to get far, far worse. The Republican Party of Virginia posted this recently:

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