Virginia Taxpayers Fund Racial ‘Indoctrination’ in Public Schools Whether They Like it or Not, ‘It’s Not Enough to Not be Racist, You Have to be Anti-Racist’

In Virginia, things are beginning to spiral further out of control politically. Simply being a good child, being good parents, is now not acceptable. In fact, at least one local news station, an NBC affiliate in the Virginia Beach region is apparently working directly with taxpayer-funded public schools to help push the narrative of ‘anti-racism’, on your dollar if you’re a Virginian.

Anti-racism, closely related to what many see as the sometimes violent rioting group ‘Black Lives Matter’, is the idea that you have to force-feed a narrative. The narrative is that you can’t just be ‘not racist’ but you have to actively go after people who are, and if you’re not even sure what racist means, don’t worry, they’ll teach you that too.

Even if racist means wanting to preserve historical culture, or not wanting the government teaching so-called morality when it should be done by the parents, you could possibly get called a racist. But no matter, correctly defining racism isn’t something the left wants you to focus on, no that’s their job.

You just need to shut up and listen or go after those they have deemed ‘racist’ and accept that this is what your kids are being taught. Welcome to the new America, where you don’t have a say in what your kids think if you want to use the public school system.

This is all in our opinion only of course, and folks are always welcome to draw their own conclusions. In a piece just put out by NBC affiliate Wavy TV 10, the news channel tells the shocking story, and there isn’t much perspective.

“For months, we here at Wavy have aired discussions about equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. So, now that we are back to school, what will that look like as we move forward? How will it be implemented in schools? I once again turn to Melissa Smith a teacher and a consultant in the field of educational equity and anti-racist teaching practices.

I think that if we are in education and we are in buildings and we are in districts and we have not said ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-RACISM practices, and policies, that’s a problem.”

Smith goes on to describe her ideas of anti-racism. She says we have to get away from ‘color blind’ and we have to see people for who they are. It starts out sounding innocent enough. Then she goes on to talk about social justice and asks if we are looking for ‘inequities in the playground’. She then says people are traumatized by racial inequities including children, even despite the possibility that many children may not even know what that means. Melissa says school systems are past the point of needing to feel comfortable while having these conversations. According to Wavy TV 10:

“We have to get uncomfortable as educators because our children have racial trauma. Our teachers have racial trauma. There are systems of oppression and we cannot ignore it.”

Apparently Melissa doesn’t want kids and parents to feel comfortable when it comes to how the Virginia public school systems talk about race.

Watch the shocking news clip below:

Recently President Trump has said he will ban critical race theory training from the FBI, which some see as just anti-white propaganda. Others may disagree. But regardless, what does that have to do with investigating crimes? What does giving your children a good education have to do with teaching them about racial strife in our nation? Isn’t that the job of the parents to do?

Aren’t we supposed to trust our own country’s parents to raise their kids and let schools just teach them the knowledge needed for career preparation? This isn’t what most taxpayers signed up for. Many are wanting President Trump to expand his ban of critical race theory further, as anything taxpayer-funded should not push one political side or the other’s viewpoints. Many will argue that so-called racial justice training isn’t partisan but others would push back. Pedro Gonzalez, a popular guest of top-rated Tucker Carlson’s cable news show has spoken out on the matter, saying Trump’s actions are a good step in the right direction.

Will teachers and ‘consultants’ also be teaching children how their history has been getting erased by left-wing activists who have been tearing down historical monuments, including a Virginia Democrat State Senator who has been charged by the Portsmouth police for her alleged crimes? Probably not.

There’s a difference between telling kids to be nice and telling them to actively go out and attack others who are labeled something by the state. That is a bridge too far in our view and leaders must call for an immediate end to taxpayer-funded and corporate leveraged racial justice training that has nothing to do with the aforementioned organizations’ true purposes to begin with.

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