WA Governor Inslee Promotes ‘World Refugee Day’, Stays Mum on Reported Murder in ‘CHOP’ on Twitter

This piece contains news and OPINION:

It was been reported that there was a murder at ‘CHOP’ inside Seattle, Washington last night. ‘CHOP’, otherwise known as ‘CHAZ’ or Capitol Hill Organized Protest is an area inside Seattle that the local government has allowed to fester.

It is being claimed as independent territory by Antifa and BLM ‘antiracist’ protesters in the continued wake of the George Floyd police-involved killing that caused riots and looting around the United States. Many have tried to downplay CHOP as just a ‘block party’ while President Trump has called for the local government to dismantle the zone or else he will do something about it he claims. The locals inside of ‘CHOP’ have pushed back on the block party idea.

National File reported on the alleged murder:

“An African American man was killed in a shooting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, with shots recorded at around 2.20 a.m. last night.” The Governor of Washington, at least on Twitter, has been mum on the reporting killing, which Seattle police struggled to respond to thanks to ‘CHOP’ organizers.

But one thing Inslee wants to promote instead is World Refugee Day. Because if there’s anything that matters right now while tens of millions of Americans are out of work thanks to Coronavirus and many more thousands have suffered physical or financial loss at the hands of rioters and looters, apparently it’s refugees. Inslee tweeted out the tone-deaf message:

I promise you this: No matter what happens in Washington, DC, Washington state will always be a place of refuge and opportunity for the people who need it most. Refugees make our state and our nation stronger #WorldRefugeeDay See tweet:

It’s tough to get a consensus among the ‘limousine liberals’ who live in gated communities in the upper echelons of Seattle and the greater metro area. Clearly most patriotic Americans are concerned about the direction of the country and the civil unrest that ensues.

It seems as though the only turning point in all this could be when the tone-deaf liberal elites decide that their world’s area is also starting to get uncomfortable. This would only be thanks to the awful optics provided by the protesters and quite possibly could push the ‘powers that be’ to stop the madness.

President Trump has been careful not to deploy too much force for fear of a repeated impeachment by the Democrats, even as historical statues in many states around the nation are toppled. A rally is scheduled to happen tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma and most patriotic Americans hope it stays peaceful. Perhaps the president can further address his plans to stop the madness in a way that is unrelated to just getting re-elected.

Previously, Media Right News has reported on the inaction of the city of Seattle, when a city council member allowed rioters and looters to storm city hall. The city provided us with an official response which basically made it seem like they were allowing the unrest to happen, or at best, had no idea what they’re doing. It seems that the theme has continued into the current day.