WAPO Admits That March 4 Threat at the U.S. Capitol From ‘Militant’ Trump Supporters ‘Proves to be a Mirage’

It was reported yesterday that the House hastily was trying to wrap things up and would not be in session today due to the threat of violence at the U.S. Capitol as Police officials said Wednesday they had “obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4.”

The conspiracy theory reportedly said that Trump will again become President on March 4 and an FBI bulletin said the plot could involve the “Three Percenters” group that prosecutors call extremist.

Ultimately, however, the threat never came to fruition and the Washington Post ended up releasing an article today titled, “At the Capitol, a March 4 threat from militant Trump supporters proves a mirage.”

Trump supporting comedian Mark Dice responded to a tweet by the news organization of the article and lamented, “Another day, another Democrat hoax.”

U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shared her thoughts on the situation and said, “I don’t know a single Trump supporter that took this hoax seriously. Because it’s stupid.”

“Only the Qanon conspiracy media & the insane Democrats that are desperate for any distraction away from their disgusting policies & an excuse for their military occupation of the Capitol,” Greene added.

U.S. House Rep Bob Good (R-VA) referenced the hasty wrap up the night before in a tweet and said, “Democrat logic: Jam anti-police bill through late Wednesday evening due to alleged security threat. Then beef up police presence and security at the Capitol Police for me, but not for thee…”

U.S. House Rep Al Green (D-TX) reportedly spent part of his day “sending a message to QAnon and right-wing extremist threats by sitting on the Capitol steps.”

Green told The Hill, “I want to make a statement to let people know, those who would threaten those of us who cherish this freedom that we have here that we refuse to allow those threats to negate our freedom.”

America First supporter Pete D’Abrosca said of Green’s demonstration, “Behind a barbed wire fence, and guarded by the National Guard against a non-existent enemy. This is pathetic.”

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