Washed Up Liberal Actor Martin Sheen Bashes Trump, ‘Led the Country in Such a Desperate Way’

Washed up liberal actor from “West Wing”, Martin Sheen, father of Charlie Sheen from “Two and a Half Men” had some nasty words for former President Trump. He was recently interviewed and had many choice words that in our view were unprecedented and tone-deaf. “We have lacked leadership until very recently,” he said. Clearly, he was saying that Donald Trump was a bad president and he thinks Joe Biden is a good one.

“I don’t mind saying that I’m a very liberal, lifelong Democrat” continued the actor. He went on to say that he thinks Republicans are not as good as they used to be despite his history of being a Democrat. Many Trump supporters may beg to differ though, as they feel he is the first Republican to actually listen to the people in a very long time. “I grew up in a country that Republicans were equally admired and their thoughts and service [sic] was equally embraced.”

He continued, “it’s gone from Democrat to Republican but there wasn’t a sense of selfishness or power or dishonesty, and this has been a colossal error in our character, this Trump administration.” He went on to continue bashing Trump, calling him a “bad man” and a “hustler”. “The fact that he will not man up and step forward and say that he has lied about it and that he has used it and he’s hurt the country”.

He went on to say that “good people have followed this bad man”, basically in an insult to the intelligence of 75 million Trump supporters. “This guy does not deserve that much attention, he deserves a lot of pity, we gotta call this bum out for what he really is, ” he says as the clip draws towards the end.


At the end of the day, we all know that most, not all but most Hollywood actors are liberals and this isn’t a big surprise. Nevertheless, it’s always hurtful whenever a Trump supporter sees one of his or her favorite actors from the past come out in such a nasty way against Donald Trump.

Many didn’t like Donald Trump’s style but he genuinely did try to represent the people and did what he thought was best for the nation. Perhaps we will see more of him in the future.

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