Wendy Rogers Taunts ‘Legacy Media’, Questions if Audits Are Making Them Nervous Because They’re Paying Attention to Her

Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers has been at the forefront of the Maricopa County 2020 election audit and has apparently been attracting the attention of many in the media lately.

Newsweek recently ran an article against her as they reported that a GOP election analyst was “Aghast” after Rogers threatened to have U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland imprisoned if he touched Arizona ballots or machines.

In a tweet today, Rogers said that she has been “Getting a ton of legacy media follows lately which tells me they are getting ready to cover the #AZAudit.”

Rogers added, “Let’s see who is #FakeNews and who is #RealNews!”

Two-time GOP nominee for Congress in California Joshua Scott was one of several who offered support for Rogers.

Scott responded, “Regardless of the nasty lies they will tell, just know you have millions of patriots around the world standing with you guys over there. Hopefully we eventually get our audit here in CA.”

Another recent slanted article, from NBC News, noted that Rogers was one of the State Senators who hosted “Pro-Trump Republicans” who they said were “flocking to site of partisan Arizona ballot audit.”

Senate AZ Capitol Times reporter Julia Shumway accused OAN of “running a propaganda website” yesterday and included a screenshot of an interview they did with Rogers.

Shumway suggested to OAN that “The least [they] could do is hire headline writers so [they] don’t accidentally tell the world that [their] publication and a state senator are working together to criminalize election integrity.”

We also reported yesterday:

A recent report by CNN on audit data being taken to Montana for analysis has Arizona Democrats in an uproar and crying foul, which caused Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers to lay down the law.

CNN National Correspondent Gary Tuchman did the “investigating” on the segment, which aired on Anderson Cooper’s show “AC360” last night.

The situation was originally reported on at the beginning of the month by NBC 12 News in Arizona, who noted that a copy of the election data from Maricopa County’s servers and hard drives was sent by controversial contractor CyberNinjas to the Montana home of a technology company president who accused the county of deleting a voter database.

Senate audit liason Ken Bennett told 12 News at the time, “The original evidence was left completely intact, A copy was taken to do whatever evaluation they are doing for Cyber Ninjas.”

The state’s Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who recently announced that she is running for governor, commented at the time, “Something new comes up every single day. This is one more thing.”

After the AC360 Twitter page tweeted out the clip from his show, Hobbs retweeted the video and stated, “I am deeply concerned that the Cyber Ninjas have moved Maricopa County election data to a residence in Montana – over 1,300 miles from Phoenix – for no discernible reason. This #fraudit madness needs to stop.”

Rogers quote tweeted Hobbs and shot back, “Your two election ‘recounts’ were #FraudIts.”

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