What America Needs to Learn from Florida Governor Ron Desantis

Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill banning instruction in “critical race theory” (CRT). Another mandate that public colleges and universities surveyed. “No child should be classified as a ‘victim’ or ‘oppressor’ based on their heritage.” His state of Florida is not the only one banning it. So are states like Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, and with special thanks to our consistently tough and outspoken moms in Idaho, we are now on that list as well, although some argue there are loopholes and workarounds that need to be tightened. 

What is CRT? 

CRT is a movement that examines issues related to race and racism in the United States. They claim it is everywhere. The American Flag is now racist. Statues toppled, and criminal personalities are worshipped as ideals. Vices are considered virtues. All because of this theory about racism everywhere and how Americans should keep their privilege in check. 

Critical Race Theory is the idea that we should treat people differently based on the color of their skin. That’s what Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement advocated against. Racism is just for color and not the character of a person. President Trump says it is Marxist and anti-christian. The teaching of Critical Race Theory is prohibited across all government levels and public schools in Arizona! General Milley said that CRT is about the WHITE RAGE that is destroying America. CRT violates the first amendment by allowing other colors to speak freely while suppressing other ones. It breaks the civil rights act as a racist ideology and anti-white in nature.

CRT feeds the insecurities of humans. We all have these fears. Life is tough for all of us. CRT is being used to manipulate them into feeling division with fellow Americans emotionally. Pollutes them with paranoia that they are shafted. Or that they have hidden dark aspects in their blood. Just from their ancestral line. The philosophy comes from several German Philosophers in the Marxist Tradition who stressed emancipation from slavery. Who the slave is can always change throughout time, but the sentiment is the same. Divide and conquer the people to make them weaker. Not because that is how you take care of them, but how you take them over. 

The History of CRT Frank M. Reid, the creator of the term “Critical Race Theory” (CRT), in 1952. He was the first Black professor at the University of Massachusetts who criticized the traditional “Eurocentric” ideals. Instead, he talked about deconstructing America. 

Governor Ron DeSantis and Critical Race Theory Ron Desantis calls it state-sanctioned racism. It is Marxism under a different name. There is nothing good in it, and it upsets everyone who follows it. The Governor opposes any FL School board candidate who supports it. He says that in K 12, kids should learn of our country and our history. It has to be factual. You cannot let in left-wing ideology. Teachers shouldn’t teach identity Politics of Marxism. Desantis wants a depoliticized curriculum. 

How are you sure your kids are not indoctrinated by this right now? 

Not all cultures are equal. Tribes will always exist. People are different. It is effortless to debunk. But there is more to this CRT than just thoughts. It is a deadly weapon against our system. There is a nefarious reason this is pushed and taught to the young ones. Communism has many names. War is War. Sometimes it is conquered from within, right through our school systems. This philosophy is making us weaker and more animalistic. CRT is just one of the many weapons, the many names. Like invisible cancer. Evil thoughts, that upset everyone. Incendiary and violent actions. Just like Planned Parenthood is nothing Planned and No Parents, CRT is the opposite of what they say they do. 
Will Children be made to feel like they have to take a backseat to others because of color? Think of children learning this, and it may stunt them. Schools are teaching that children should only see oppressors and victims in life. That first they think of others who deserve things more, just because of skin color? That they need to be separated and give another race a chance. Or that because of skin color, they deserve a job or position more than someone more qualified. 

CRT is not in any curriculum in Florida. Instead, Desantis said it teaches Hatred of America. 

Final Thoughts It is said that we even have to contemplate this issue. Children being separated by color. CRT teaches that they are permanently oppressors or oppressed in the year 2021. We should support Governor Ron Desantis for shielding future generations from this poison, and we need to support future conservative candidates that share this same spirit. CRT creates racism where there was not any before. We have got to stand up to it. There are many things we can do. Vote, say something, send an email, call someone involved, show up at the public hearings, draw about it, start your podcast and create a blog…the options are endless. After reading this, you should take action today and do just the one thing that you can contribute to combat critical race theory in our lives, just like Ron Desantis is.