‘When a Nation Can’t Define Its Border, It Ceases to be a Nation’ Texas Sen Dem Flips Script, Demands Action on Immigration

A clip shared today on Fox News during a segment with the headline, “Some Dems turn on Biden over border crisis,” Texas State Sen Dem Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa was seen on the floor criticizing the current border situation.

“When a nation does not control its border, when a nation cannot define its border, it ceases to be a nation,” Hinojosa declared.

At the end of August, Hinojosa criticized the election integrity bill that was signed today and appeared to laud the fact that the state’s Latino population would be surpassing non-Hispanic whites.

From Reuters:

Hinojosa, a Democrat, said the bill was the latest chapter in a racist legacy of U.S. voter suppression measures, which he said are rolled out whenever it appears minorities may be gaining power.

He said that is the case in Texas, where census data released this month showed the state’s Latino population nearly equal with non-Hispanic whites, and forecast to surpass them by next year.

The Dallas Morning News reported last week that Hinojosa is one of five Democrats in the Senate who supported a massive ramp-up of state spending to dispatch thousands of state police and soldiers to the Texas-Mexico border with orders to arrest illegal immigrants for misdemeanor offenses and hold them for up to a year.

When asked why he voted for the bill, Hinojosa replied:

We have a real serious problem down at the border, and it’s not being addressed by the federal government. It’s not necessarily a partisan issue. Both Republican and Democratic administrations, from Congress to the White House, have failed to address the issue of illegal immigration. In Hidalgo County, my part of my senatorial district, we are completely being overwhelmed by immigrants – mostly families, where we take care of them, provide them water, food, health checkups, COVID tests. It’s more of a transition place. They’re shipped up to other parts of the country. The problem is, we’re having to foot the bill, to pay for the expenses. The people who are coming across are not just from Central America. They’re from all over the world – 84 different countries.

Another Senate Democrat, Royce West also had spoken against the election integrity bill but also backs the spending plan to secure the border.

“You can say this isn’t about the ‘big lie’ and all that. But it is. This wasn’t even on the agenda before Trump started talking about election integrity,” West stated about the election integrity bill.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted today, “Texas National Guard identified & apprehended a group of illegal immigrants crossing into Texas from Mexico. Soldiers work daily to curtail the influx of drugs, crime, & people coming into Texas due to Biden’s open border policies. Thank you @TexasGuard for securing our border.”

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