White House 4th of July Video Mocked For Touting that the Cost of a Cookout ‘Is Down $0.16 From Last Year’

The White House released a 4th of July video yesterday touting lowered prices on food items that might be used in a cookout to celebrate the holiday.

The video has been mocked by many for touting that the cost of a cookout “is down $0.16 from last year.”

The tweet accompanying the video reads:

Planning a cookout this year? Ketchup on the news. According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ is down from last year. It’s a fact you must-hear(d). Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish.

Backlash in the responses include comments from U.S. House Rep Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who noted, “Apparently, no one at the Biden @WhiteHouse has been to the gas station recently. The average price for a gallon of gas is $3.15. This is the HIGHEST price for a gallon of gas since 2014 and a 42% INCREASE from last year.”

The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer changed his Twitter handle to mock the theme of the video to “Saved $0.16 on My 4th BBQ.”

Schaffer lamented, “WTF is this Chinese propaganda? Anyone who actually shops, which you all apparently do not, can see their food budgets going through the roof. Mine is up almost 30% from this time last year. My gas is 42% higher, rent raised 28%, cost of living is crushing the middle class.”

According to the video, all of the prices were sourced from The Farm Bureau.

Even supporters of the president where baffled by the tweet. One Twitter user who claimed to have voted for Joe Biden for president shared his thoughts and threatened to apparently vote differently in the future.

“Maritxu” said, “I voted for Biden, but if you do this again, I’m warning you.”

It is unclear how much saving $0.16 on a cookout will help the average American, but the White House seems desperate to to tout any good news, no matter how minor.

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