Woke Liberals Rip Mic Away from Legendary Comedian John Cleese for Offending the PC Police with ‘Reparations’ Comment

For one legendary comedian, the times are changing faster than he may realize. At a recent “panel of comics” Jim Gaffigan, Dulcé Sloan, and Ricky Velez joined with John Cleese. Cleese is well known for Monty Python’s Flying Circus among other things. Apparently, Dan Pasternack was the moderator, and is also the executive producer of “Portlandia”.

Things got heated initially when Black comedian Dulcé Sloan began talking about “colonization”, which some may see as anti-White rhetoric. Cleese took offense and said, forget the British Empire was the basic political unit of organization for 6,000 years — the British didn’t start [colonizing].”

Sloan fired back “We know, but ya’ll did it so well!” After much back and forth, Cleese quipped that people are too competitive about who is the most oppressed.

“I want reparations. My people were slaves too, you know.” – the legend that is @JohnCleese They sneer at his comments because they know he’s right. They don’t want more history – they only want the bits that suit their narrative.”

After the back and forth got more heated, things came to these jabs:

“I don’t want to have a struggle competition,” Sloan said.

“I want reparations from Italy,” Cleese said drawing shocked gasps. “… and then the Normans came over in 1066 … they were horrible people from France, and they came and colonized us for 30 years — we need reparations there too, I’m afraid.”

Pasternack repeatedly told the audience, “This is why your phones are locked up,” and made a joke about “playing the Jew card,” which, in turn, prompted Cleese to start to set up a, “Do you know why Jews…” joke about a stereotypical physical trait.

At that point, Sloan stood up and confiscated Cleese’s microphone (temporarily, at least). Many were laughing and applauding, some weren’t, and it was hard to know how exactly to take it.

“And now you saved the colonizer,” Pasternack said.

“I saved a comic whose career I respect,” Sloan replied.

Apparently, things cooled down after that and the event was able to continue to a degree and finish out.

“Woke, woke, woke. You can’t say anything nowadays… …John Cleese has microphone taken away after making controversial slavery joke”

Hollywood Reporter has extensive details here.

It seems as though the woke mob indeed got a little fired up, things could have been worse.