Shortly After Being ‘Banned’ from Russia, Joe Biden Labels Vladimir Putin a ‘War Criminal’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been labeled a “war criminal” by U.S. President Joe Biden. Joe Biden has placed a huge amount of sanctions against Russia over the ongoing Ukrainian war. Nevertheless, the U.S. has not decided to get directly involved at this point, although many Americans aren’t sure if it’s actually off the table.

Biden has been banned from the nation as have many others.

Although Ukraine is not a member of NATO, which means we generally would not go to war on behalf of them, they have been considered a country that is more friendly to the United States than Russia by the uni party establishment.

Why exactly that is the case will be a subject of ongoing debate, and some tie it back to how we handled WW2. The question now is, how big of a deal is it that Biden has placed this “label” on Russia’s president as things continue to get more volatile?

Recently, a reporter asked Biden if he was ready to call Putin a “war criminal”. Seemingly not paying attention he said “no”. Then, apparently seconds later, he actually thought about the question and said, “He IS a war criminal”. Watch:

Many have questioned Biden’s competency as commander in chief. Meanwhile many primary elections are coming up soon in the U.S. and his performance will be on the ballot.

Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic situation.