‘WOW, Way To Go’ Trish Regan Congratulates Elon Musk After Tesla Blows Away Expectations With Higher Than Expected First-Quarter Earnings Report Causing Its Stock to Soar

Elon Musk-led Tesla blew away expectations today as the company’s first-quarter earnings report was revealed.

The numbers sent the company’s stock soaring as well, getting it closer to its previous high mark, which occurred at the beginning of November last year.

Former Fox Business host Trish Regan congratulated Musk on the news in a tweet where she announced, “Breaking: #Tesla is CRUSHING it.”

“The company just reported 1st Q results — profit up 81%. Earnings of $3.22 earnings per share, with revenue of $18.76 billion,” Regan explained.

Regan then declared, “WOW. Way to go, @elonmusk.”

According to Yahoo! Finance, the company’s stock was up more than 4% following the announcement.

In a statement, the company said, “Challenges around supply chain have remained persistent, and our team has been navigating through them for over a year. In addition to chip shortages, recent COVID-19 outbreaks have been weighing on our supply chain and factory operations.”

Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt tweeted out the company’s financial summary and noted, “Tesla’s operating margin of 19.2% is insane!”

“Tesla killing it!” Merritt emphasized.

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