WR Dez Bryant Says He’s Done for the Season After Positive COVID-19 Test Prior to Facing His Former Team

Although viewership has been down for the NFL, the season has continued on and tonight the Baltimore Ravens are playing the Dallas Cowboys. Wide Receiver Dez Bryant now plays for the Ravens and was set for the matchup against his former team.

However, just prior to the start, Bryant tweeted out “Tell me why they pull me from warming up so I can go get tested… my sh*t come back positive… I tested positive for Covid WTF”

He then tweeted three more tweets explaining his frustration and said that he was done for the season.

“The crazy thing is I have the same damn routine…. this sh*t do not make sense to me,” Bryant said.

Describing his future plans and echoing the thoughts of many in regards to the virus, Bryant said, “Yea I’m going to go ahead and call it a quit for the rest of the season… I can’t deal with this.”

Bryant then tagged the NFL’s Twitter and wondered, “Since I tested positive for Covid before the game do the game stop or go on?” The game appears to be continuing without him.

The Ravens shared a video of Bryant warming up prior to the positive test and then were forced to announce that he had “been scratched from tonight’s game due to an illness.”