‘You’re Next’ Lebron James Tweets Threat to Columbus Police Officer

A police officer in Columbus, OH shot and killed a 16-year-old girl who, according to bodycam footage swung at two other people with a knife yesterday and appeared ready to stab another teenage girl when she was shot.

The incident took place just minutes before the guilty verdict in former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial for murder and manslaughter was read.

A picture has been circulating on Twitter that purports to show the officer that the shot the girl, and thereby potentially saved the others.

NBA superstar LeBron James, who has been outspoken on social justice in recent years, tweeted out that picture and said in the tweet, “You’re next.” He also shared an hourglass emoji and said “#ACCOUNTIBILITY.”

The reactions to James’ tweet were mixed, however the most popular appeared to show a still of the bodycam footage showing the shooting “victim” holding the knife, ready to attack.

One supportive response to James suggested about the officer in the picture, “That guy looks like he was bullied in school.”

Another critical, popular respondent said, “No accountability for the attempted murder? Just for the guy who prevented the attempted murder. Got it.”

Outside a briefing held last night, hundreds of protesters pushed past barriers outside police headquarters and approached officers as city officials were showing the bodycam video inside.

Many protesters chanted, “Say her name,” while others signified the victim’s age by yelling, “she was just a kid” as officers with bicycles pushed protesters back and threatened to deploy pepper spray on the crowd.