16-Year-Old Girl Arrested With Parents After Refusing to Leave AZ School Due to ‘Contact Tracing Quarantine’ Order on Child

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers first alerted the Twitter community to a story that is happening involving a family being arrested. It appears the family here are likely constituents of Rogers, in Arizona.

As the story progressed, we documented and researched to figure out exactly what happened. A Twitter user posted their interpretation of what was happening with a screenshot below it to get the word out. As we are not legal experts, we can’t determine exactly what the legality is of the arrests in question, we are just reporting on what happened.

We do of course have political opinions as to what we think, and a contact tracing quarantine policy does in our opinion seem a bit much, and it is something we have actually not heard of happening before.

This all appears to have taken place at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona.

“16 yo girl just trying to go to school was denied and trespassed over bogus “quarantine” rules. Not sick, no proof of contact…. No due process, yet denied access!!” said the Twitter user. A screenshot of what appears to be a section of the Arizona State Constitution is also shown.

Upon further investigation and two video clips being posted, in addition to a statement from the local police department in Arizona, below is our best summary of what happened.

A 16-year-old girl was told she could not attend school for a certain period of time due to a quarantine policy. Apparently, according to contact tracing, the girl may or may not have been exposed to Covid-19. The family appears to believe the girl is not sick and should not have to quarantine if the school does not actually have proof that she is sick, and decided to protest the decision by showing up and asking to meet with school leadership.

The statement from police seems to imply that a negative Covid-19 test may affect the duration of a quarantine order from the school but doesn’t go into particular detail on that subject.

School leadership apparently did not want to continue the conversation after informing the family of what the rules apparently are and asked to have them trespassed.

The officers arrested both parents and the child for not leaving the school and they were subsequently released later after being booked and issued citations. You can see the video clips below and read the statement from the local police and decide what you think for yourself.

We will update this story if we receive any further information.

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