Illegal Immigrants from All Over Continue to be Let in by U.S. Govt. at Del Rio, TX Gate After They Mobbed the Area Days Ago, Allen West Furiously Opines

Large groups of illegal immigrants from all over appear to continue to be let in at the southern border in Del Rio, Texas.

Former Texas GOP Chairman and candidate for Governor Allen West recently visited and accessed the situation, criticizing current Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Reporter Bill Melugin said that West told him that that he would immediately and fully mobilize the Texas National Guard, shut down the border, tax illegal immigrants’ remittances, and designate cartels as terror organizations.

On Monday, Melugin tweeted out a video that showed a mob of 300+ illegal immigrants who wanted to be let in through the gate in a situation that he described as “hectic.”

While some families were initially let through the gate, adult men also attempted to force their way through as Border Patrol agents and troopers had to yell at them to get back.

Melugin followed that up with another video where he said, “A large majority of the migrants, including single adult men, have been let into the United States and taken into custody. At least 200+ have been taken away in buses. More still coming, more still waiting.”

“Another video from earlier. A Border Patrol agent told me this was the biggest single group he’s ever seen in Del Rio & that they’re glad troopers from Florida & Nebraska were here to help man the gate with Texas troopers. Almost all ended up being let into the US,” Melugin concluded in another tweet.

Since then, Melugin has tweeted more videos, showing illegal immigrants from multiple countries being let into the country.

“The flow of migrants showing up is almost nonstop every day unless there’s a big storm,” Melugin notes in one of the tweets.

In a quote tweet of Chief Border Patrol Agent Brian Hastings, which contained pictures of illegal immigrants lined up, Melugin explained, “Incredible numbers coming out of the Rio Grande Valley as the administration touts ‘extreme progress’ and continues to say the border is ‘closed’. 15,000 in one week in one single sector.”

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