Adam Kinzinger Attempts to Downplay Overwhelming Censure By 4th Largest Illinois County’s GOP

U.S. House Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) was overwhelmingly censured yesterday by the the 4th largest county in the state, the Will County GOP, with a vote of 111 to 5 with one abstention. Will County is a part of his district as well.

Kinzinger attempted to downplay the censure and tweeted “The problem with your #censurefrenzy and your 76 million vote figure is that 82 million voted differently and we live in a country that respects that. Thanks for playing though.”

Of the decision to censure, the GOP issued a statement that said, “Rep. Kinzinger’s feelings about former President Donald J. Trump is well known. We witnessed the support and then subsequent bashing of President Trump, after he refused to appoint Kinzinger as the Secretary of the Air Force.”

U.S. House Rep Matt Gaetz retweeted news of the censure, which caught Kinzinger’s ire and he retweeted Gaetz and added a GIF suggesting that he views himself as Captain America.

Pro-Trump activist Scott Presler responded to Kinzinger and said, “If Kinzinger threw a fit because he didn’t get the position he wanted, imagine how he’s going to feel in 2022 when he’s no longer a Congressman & loses that long shot gubernatorial/senatorial bid.”

Kinzinger has already drawn a primary challenger, Jack Lombardi, who tweeted a story about the censure and insisted, “It’s almost over for him.”