Adam Kinzinger ‘Laughs’ at Report that GOP Rep Claimed he Survived an Attempted Murder

Although we don’t know for sure if U.S. House Rep. George Santos (R-NY) was attacked and possibly “murdered”, as according to a report, they have not yet verified police records, former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger is already sure is his mind.

Although it appears that Santos has a reputation of fudging the truth, it’s not wise or safe to laugh at an attempted murder claim if it hasn’t fully been debunked.

Kinzinger, who publicly cried at the January 6th committee meetings, just did that. See his tweet below:

“HahahahhahahahahHhhahahHah” he says about the report of Santos’ claim.

As stated, we don’t know for sure if the attack happened, but you want to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes, and CNN contractor Adam Kinzinger is not doing so.

Seems as a TV personality he is acting a little too sloppy with his Twitter account in our view.

Kinzinger himself is known for being theatrical, even claiming he is a Republican while acting like a Democrat and chumming it up with Dem celebrities and working with CNN.

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