Adam Schiff Couldn’t be Angrier, Throws Twitter Temper Tantrum Because of Facebook – Trump Reinstatement

U.S. House Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who just lost his committee U.S. House Intelligence Committee, seems to think he’s more important than he is.

The furious “we really got Trump now” fibber just found out that Facebook and Instagram are letting former and likely future President Donald Trump back on. Schiff did not delay in throwing a full on conniption fit:

“Trump incited an insurrection. And tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power. He’s shown no remorse. No contrition. Giving him back access to a social media platform to spread his lies and demagoguery is dangerous. @facebook caved, giving him a platform to do more harm.”

Earlier we reported the news:

It is likely we will hear from others who are not happy, such as the ADL, NAACP, SPLC, Right Wing Watch, Media Matters, and many other Democrat political pundits and elected officials.

We’ll stay tuned to see what happens with that. No word on what Trump’s first post may be on Facebook, or if he’ll do a tweet or not anytime soon. Trump can still be found on Truth Social as well.

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