After Declaring Victory Days Ago, Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake is Officially Named the GOP Nominee for AZ Governor

Following an early morning surge into the lead the day after the election, Arizona’s Kari Lake has been officially named the GOP nominee for Arizona Governor.

Lake declared victory at that time and it appeared that her lead was insurmountable, but her opponent, Karrin Robson, refused to concede.

Although the ballot counting still isn’t fully concluded, all major news outlets now, including the Associated Press, have conceded that Lake is the nominee.

The Republican Governor’s Association also issued a statement congratulating Lake on her victory and touting her as a “fighter.”

Although the margin is close at 47%-44% journalist Benny Johnson noted that “Not only has @KariLake officially won, but she now has the lead in EVERY SINGLE COUNTY.”

In a tweet that she made after the ballot drop that occurred late last night, Lake also pointed out her state-wide domination in terms of counties won.

“We officially won every single county in Arizona. Clean sweep of the State. This isn’t MY win. This is OUR win. Thank you, Arizona,” Lake announced.

Lake’s general election opponent and Arizona Secretary of State, Democrat Katie Hobbs, issued a tweet as well after the victory was announced accusing her of having “gone radical” and being “far too dangerous for Arizona.”

“This race isn’t about Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s about sanity vs. chaos. @KariLake has gone radical and is far too dangerous for Arizona,” Hobbs claimed.

Hobbs then insisted, “There’s so much at stake this fall. Arizona, let’s get this done and WIN in November!”