Meghan McCain Claims she Quit ‘The View’ After Joy Behar Told her Nobody Misses Her During Maternity Leave

A little over a year after Meghan McCain left “The View” they named her replacement.

McCain recently revealed the straw that broke the camel’s back, so speak, remarking on a podcast about what solidified her decision to leave the show.

A comment made by her co-host Joy Behar was the deciding moment for McCain.

She had been on maternity leave after the birth of her daughter Liberty. The day she went back to the show is when the incident took place.

McCain said on the podcast, “I finally went back to the show, and the day I went back to the show, Joy Behar said on air, ‘Nobody missed you, we didn’t miss you, you shouldn’t have come back.”

“And I just… I started hysterically crying. Sorry gentlemen, I know, I started lactating on air and I started crying.”

In the environment, which she returned back to work made her feel unwelcomed.

She claimed “I didn’t feel supported when I had my baby and I didn’t feel supported coming back and that was ultimately it. That was why I left! It was a very egregious toxic work environment.”

Joy was not one to shy away from railing against McCain, which most of the other co-hosts did as well. A short while later Joy joked that the only thing Meghan could breastfeed was “a cactus”.

You can see the discord in the clip below, which shows the incident which drove McCain to finalize her decision to leave.

“The View” officially announced Alyssa Farah Griffin would be the new “conservative” co-host on Thursday.

“It is my voice and I’m here to … bring a different perspective,” @Alyssafarah says on joining @TheView as a co-host. “Listen, it’s going to get sporty sometimes … and I’m so excited for it — I’m ready for it!”

Griffin has been a guest host on the show quite a few times over the past year. The tensions between her and the other hosts have been fairly mild, but that may change now that they know she has signed on.

Time will tell if Griffin and the other hosts will be able to get along, but that might not be what producers want as conflict may be what they’re looking for.