After The View Shuts Down Rand Paul, He Brings His Anti-Socialism Message on Tucker Carlson Instead

Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s new book comes out, called ‘The Case Against Socialism’. It’s interesting that along his journey of selling his book – and idea, he has experienced his free speech being stifled, by the hosts of the left-leaning talk show hosts on The View. You certainly can’t have a socialist regime without a powerful government shutting down dissent, which in some ironic way may actually have made part of his case for him.

Nonetheless, Tucker Carlson, who, although admittedly highly opinionated, allows people of all sides to come on his show and speak their mind, hosted Senator Paul to give his thoughts. The difference was night and day. While hosts on The View gaslighted Rand and tried to put words in his mouth while telling him he couldn’t continue to explain his position on socialism and the state of Venezuela, Carlson, who may be a slightly different brand of right-wing than Paul, had no issue letting him get out his message anyway. Carlson also didn’t accuse him of ‘mansplaining’ either.

Carlson starts out the segment by saying that the seed of socialism thus far has never really taken root. That being the case, politicians like U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D) blasted his opponent Elizabeth Warren for being an actual capitalist. Bernie is a self-avowed ‘Democratic Socialist’.

“Socialism with open borders, that’s the trend, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky is fighting it,” Tucker Carlson says in his introduction to Rand Paul. This is an interesting introduction indeed, as Paul is considered part of the Libertarian-leaning wing of the Republican party. Some Libertarians, while they are against socialism, are actually not fighting open borders, but rather the opposite, so it’s good to define this position. Rand Paul did not disavow or deny Tucker’s statement so one could draw the assumption that Paul is indeed against open borders policies, and most conservatives would at least hope so.

After Tucker congratulates Paul on his new book, Paul takes over and says, “well it’s kind of an extraordinary thing. I remember when I was a kid we would say, ‘that liberal is probably a socialist’ but they would never admit to it. Now you have people actually running on the label of Democratic Socialist.”


Whether you agree with Tucker Carlson, Rand Paul, or even the hosts of The View, it’s nice to be able to have a platform to speak your mind. In America, privately-owned opinion shows still have the right to have who they want on their shows and tell them if they don’t want them speaking about certain things. That being the case, Carlson opts for a more open dialogue anyway.

More concerning in the bigger picture is when peaceful non-violent free speech is stifled in other, more open platforms in today’s society. This manifests itself in colleges, social media and other places where students shout down people they don’t like. In the case of social media, companies advertising themselves as open and free platforms have been accused of picking and choosing political sides beyond their balanced and posted community standards rules and guidelines as well.

It’s nice that Senator Paul got the message out that he wanted to, and that we still have some shows, even if they are opinionated, that allow for different points of view and dissent. Americans should only hope for more of that in a society that is increasingly one-sided according to many people.

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