Alabama AG Steve Marshal Echoes Jeff Landry: ‘Unconstitutional Actions and Fraudulent Votes in Other States’ Affect All Citizens

Republican Steve Marshall, who is the Alabama Attorney General has released a statement regarding the issue of alleged voter fraud and the state of Texas filing a motion to the Supreme Court requesting permission to sue four states over ‘voter irregularities’ during the 2020 presidential election.

In a piece of his statement he writes, “the unconstitutional actions and fraudulent votes in other states not only affect the citizens of those states, they affect the citizens of all states,”. His full statement can be read below.

As we previously reported, the neighboring state of Louisiana’s Attorney General also expressed support for the State of Texas’ lawsuit saying a similar thing, “Louisiana Citizens are Damaged if Elections in the Other States Were Conducted Outside the Confines of the Constitution While we Obeyed the Rules”.

Some Southern states have expressed support for the president and their legal fight of proving alleged voter fraud did occur while ‘RINO’s in the stats of Georgia have been largely silent and apparently hurting President Trump by dismissing his claims.

This caused Lou Dobbs to attack the Republicans on his show last night asking, “Where the H*ll are the Republicans?” He also attacked his guest, “Why don’t you jump and salute Ted Cruz and say yes, we want you on the team now.” This statement comes after Ted Cruz offered to argue the case before the Supreme Court. Dobbs also called Republicans, “gutless”.

President Trump can use as much support as he can get as it seems that many Republicans are beginning to turn on him. However. Those who stay loyal seem to have a future in the new Trump Republican Party. The line is being put in the sand and people are taking sides.

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