Former McDonald’s CEO Hits Back at Woke Corporations, Calls for Top Disney Firings Over Florida Disaster

Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi is fighting back against “woke” corporations, specifically the recently controversial company Disney.

“EXCLUSIVE: Former ⁦@McDonalds⁩ CEO Ed Rensi to fight woke corporate politics”

Friday morning, Rensi joined “Fox & Friends” in which he sounded off against Disney after the company has gotten entangled in a cultural war with Florida’s government. Rensi said, “I think probably they were speaking to an audience within the company of employees and executives. But the fact of the matter is boards of directors and executives of a company work for the shareholders. Their duty is to increase profit in sales in a good way so that shareholders benefit, so they get dividends and additional stock and the company can grow.”

He continued, “In my opinion, the chief legal officer of Disney should be fired. The CEO ought to be fired because they entered into an area without thought and care.” This comes as some have argued that corporations shouldn’t get involved in politics and state legislation but rather remain apolitical to ensure maximum profits for their shareholders.

“The people of Florida are not ignorant. Nowhere in that bill, from what I’ve read, does it say the word ‘gay’ anywhere. This is a parents’ rights bill to make sure that their children aren’t exposed to sexual material before they’re mature enough to handle it right? I think that’s reasonable,” Rensi argued.

In order to fight politics being injected into Americans’ everyday lives through “woke” corporations, Rensi is joining forces with advocacy groups to create The Boardroom Initiative. This initiative’s goal is to push back against corporations like Disney which are becoming too political, in his eyes.

“Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors,” Rensi explained. We will have to see if Rensi will partner with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in going after Disney to get them out of politics.

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