Alyssa Milano Demands News Organizations Stop Amplifying People Contesting ‘Totally Legitimate’ Election Results

Well folks, election day is long gone. Just about every news media outlet that is considered to be official, or “mainstream” has called the presidential race for Joe Biden. Nevertheless, Trump supporters haven’t given up hope, many of them claiming that the presidency was stolen.

Most of those same news outlets would say “without evidence”. Many of the claims out there of voter fraud may indeed be without merit. But Trump attorney’s Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, and the rest of his team are in fact filing lawsuits, using actual evidence to back their claims.

Whether or not the evidence being used is valid or enough to prove that there was enough fraud to turn the election results back over to Donald Trump is certainly a hard thing to prove and it may indeed end up in the hand of the Supreme Court, as President Trump has yet to concede the race.

This is based on what he and his team believe to be a coordinated effort in just a handful of key swing states. Time will tell what pans out from these claims but in the meantime, the electors have not officially chosen Joe Biden as of yet.

Again, most news sources have made their call, but an argument could be made that President Trump and his supporters should have their fair chance at exhausting all legal avenues to keep the American people confident in the election system.

Many right now are not so confident in it because of mail-in voting and a much different election season than we’ve ever had before in the United States due to Covid-19 and other possible reasons.

Meanwhile, many Democrats don’t want Trump allies to get their voices heard, washed-up actress Alyssa Milano being one of them. She took to Twitter today to give her un-asked for advice to all news organizations, proclaiming:

“Some advice to news orgs—let’s stop amplifying the voices who are contesting the totally legitimate election results. Stop giving these grifters a platform. Instead let’s focus on the Biden transition team and getting Biden/Harris the majority in senate so they can legislate.” See tweet:

Although Joe Biden and Kamala Harris may very well end up running the country, it seems like Milano doesn’t fully grasp how the process works and just wants to get on with putting Donald Trump’s time in the White House in the rear view mirror. Time will tell how her desires pan out.

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