Alyssa Milano in a Panic, Tells Dems Not to Vote by Mail After All

We would like to preface this story with two things. One, we know that the mainstream media and it’s independent ‘fact-checkers’ are very particular on the subject of ‘vote by mail’, potential voter fraud, and other things they often like to claim are ‘disinformation’ when not from their approved sources, so this piece is merely our opinion, speculation, and reporting upon someone else’s words, that of one Alyssa Milano.

We make no claims whatsoever in this opinion piece of what we may or may not think of the reliability of ‘vote by mail’, voting early in person, or voting the day of. It is solely up to the discretion of the American voter to research all sources on this topic and make an informed decision on their own based on the conclusions they draw independently and on their own.

That being said, it’s pretty common knowledge that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the left has been a bigger proponent of voting by mail, and the safety of such a method and the right has suggested more along the lines of voting in person except when in the case of mailing in an absentee ballot, at least based on rhetoric that President Trump has espoused.

There has been much debate in the news and on social media about the efficacy of the different methods and the opinions of some on the potential of voter fraud. Nevertheless, the left has definitely been the biggest advocate of ‘vote by mail’.

But recently, despite the rhetoric from the various Democrat officials and candidates, some have shown that they themselves now have doubts. Alyssa Milano, a confirmed Biden supporter and Trump hater, after all the rhetoric appears to be pushing for a new tone and message.

In a recent tweet, she tells her fans and followers, most likely a large majority of which are Democrats or potential Joe Biden voters, to ‘NOT put your ballot in the mail’. This is in her words. The entire tweet reads:

“Do NOT put your ballot in the mail! DROP IT OFF AT AN OFFICIAL BALLOT DROP OFF LOCATION OR VOTE IN PERSON. Find where you can drop your ballot at”

It’s unclear what the Biden/Harris campaign will think of this message or if other left-wing personalities and celebrities will begin to run with this ‘new’ message amid the continued Covid-19 pandemic. One thing is for sure, there is a distrust among Milano in the mail system. We will not tell our readers what to do though, as it is up to you to decide how best to vote and keep your family safe.

Fox News recently did a study to test the ability of the US mail, sending 500 letters from major cities to other major cities. They admit the test is partially flawed because the sample ballots they mailed to themselves were not official election mail, and therefore don’t get expedited status like election mail does.

Nevertheless, though, the ‘test’ was somewhat shocking, as they reported in part:

A little more than two percent failed to reach their destinations, including nine envelopes that have not been delivered more than a month later.

Fox News also reported:

USPS spokesperson told Fox that they could not substantiate whether the test “represents a reasonable approximation of Election mail, including ballots, as processed and delivered by the United States Postal Service in a real election cycle.”

With more than 32.8 million votes reportedly cast by mail already, one expert warned that any failure to deliver could have serious consequences.