Anti Mask Parents Take Over School Board After Old One Quit, Superintendent and Lawyer Say It’s Not Legal

Parents as possibly other community members took over a Vail, Arizona school board meeting. The group would not leave some reported that the board members quit and the group protesting the mask mandates took over. The claim is that they elected a new board and struck down the mask mandates.

The group of parents just wanted the school board to remove the mandate making mask optional.

This news elated many however it seems it was all illegitimate. According to Vail Superintendent John Carruth, it is just a publicity stunt. KGUN 9 reported that a local attorney Portell said the rules do not give the group the right to take over.

Twitter user Ian Smith tweeted, “100s of parents in Vail, AZ attended a School Board meeting, protesting mask mandates for schools. They would not leave. The Board was overwhelmed and outnumbered. They quit. The parents elected new members and immediately struck down mask mandates for kids. This is the way.” He included a video from the protest.

Jon Gabriel replied to the tweet with, “I’m against masking kids, but the Vail School Board did not quit; they canceled the meeting and left the building. The parents did not elect new members; you need a public election for that.” Many people have mask fatigue and are ready for bare faces.

So with the public display of displeasure with he mask mandates placed on the children maybe Vail will be able to vote in a new school board that will remove the mandates officially, we will have to wait and see what happens.

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