Antifa Members Get Beaten Back by Counter-Protesters With American Flags in Olympia Washington

It appears there was an event today held by apparent Antifa members. The event, according to Independent Media PDX appears to be a group of folks from Oregon and Washington.

According to the videos it looks like the Antifa radicals were met with resistance at the Washington State Capitol building by ‘back the blue’ and President Trump supporters wielding American Flags, Trump flags, and other flags. In the graphic video below, (viewer discretion advised) you can see the event unfold.

Below that are some other Twitter videos highlighting the chain of event that apparently led up to the tense situation. It appears as though the flag-waving folks have gotten the upper hand at pushing Antifa away from them in this particular situation thus far but things could intensify as time passes.

Meanwhile groups of Trump supporters around the nation have been rallying at ‘stop the steal’ events, while Antifa doesn’t seem to be happy or appeased that Joe Biden reportedly won the 2020 election. It seems that anarchists don’t really care who wins election in the end after all.

Update: The latest video below shows the progression of the situation:

“Portland/ Washington protesters and counter-protesters are currently standing off at Franklin and 4th Ave. downtown Olympia. Olympia police are standing by. #Washington #Portland #protest