Thomas Massie Calls Out ‘Congressfolk Who Haven’t Been to Work at the Capitol in Over Half a Year’

Republicans have expressed concerns about virtual voting, saying it sets a bad precedent as Democrats recently used a virtual app to vote for a variety of contested leadership positions within the party.

The House changed its procedures for voting on legislation by the full chamber earlier this year, which allowed members, for the first time, to communicate their votes to colleagues in Washington, who then cast those votes for them in person.

Kentucky GOP House Rep. Thomas Massie called them out for it today in a tweet and said, “There are congressfolk who haven’t been to work at the Capitol in over half a year.”

Massie followed that up by posting a popular Gif that shows a dog drinking coffee at a table inside of a burning room and saying “This is fine.”

Colorado Republican Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert pointed out that “Most of them are Democrats.” Boebert then suggested, “Perhaps we’re better off!”

Georgia Republican Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the exceptions in a retweet of Massie and said, “Ole Nancy plans on keeping those same Congressfolk, sitting comfortably at home, collecting a tax payer funded paycheck next year too.”

Greene believes that they are “Doing nothing” and that “People who don’t show up for work should be fired.”

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