Minnesota Anti-Police Group Upset After Andy Ngo Shares Video of Antifa March Against Conservative Rally

We reported earlier about videos that showed Antifa and conservative activists clashing in Olympia, Washington. It was one of a few such face-offs throughout the country.

The Post Millenial editor Andy Ngo shared a video that he described as “Antifa militants gather in St. Paul, Minnesota to oppose a conservative rally.”

The video that Ngo shared came from an account that calls itself “MNUPRISING” who were not pleased that Ngo shared the video, even though he credited them with the share.

“F*ck @/MrAndyNgo he grifted one of our videos. Andy Ngo is a far right propagandist. If anyone feels like please head to his Twitter and report the tweet,” the “MNUPRISING” account tweeted out.

A picture showed one of the banners that the Antifa held up while marching that said, “Follow your leader.” In the middle was an image of what appeared to be Adolf Hitler committing suicide, insinuating that they believe the conservative activists to be Nazis.

Under Ngo’s tweet, one user wondered, “Why do they have shields and moving towards them? They can’t let people peacefully demonstrate?!”

“Eric Parks” lamented, “In watching this, I cannot help but feel that I’m watching the first skirmishes which could very well lead to America’s second civil war.”