AOC Accuses Trump of ‘Xenophobic COVID Response’ and Lists Recent Campaign Ad as One Reason

In a pair of tweets, House Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called President Trump’s Coronavirus response “xenophobic.” In the first one, she claimed people were “too scared to go to the hospital and continue to work.” In the second, she listed out reasons how his response was “xenophobic” and repeated an accusation against his recent campaign ad.

Corona, Queens is the most heavily COVID-impacted zip code in America. I can tell you 1st hand that many ppl are too scared to go to the hospital & continue to work bc of Trump’s xenophobic COVID response. In that uncertainty, street vendors are stepping up and saving lives

How is Trump’s response xenophobic? – Targets Asian community in his rhetoric & TV ads, incl ads depicting Asian Americans as Chinese officials – Late, little, or no translation of public health mandates into multiple languages – Booting ITIN immigrant taxpayers from CARES relief

AOC claims that his recent campaign ad targets Asian Community in his The ad is under fire as Democrats say it suggested that Gary Locke, the former U.S. ambassador to China, was a Chinese official.

The Trump campaign’s communication director Tim Murtaugh has denied that suggestion, tweeting out that it was a shot of Joe Biden “in Beijing in 2013” on the “Hunter Biden trip.”

The shot with the flags specifically places Biden in Beijing in 2013. It’s for a reason. That’s the Hunter Biden trip. Memory Lane for ol’ Joe.

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