Ben Carson to Kilmeade: Not Offended by Dr Adams and We Need to Concentrate on ‘Brain’, Not ‘Skin Color’

Brian Kilmeade stood in for Laura Ingraham last night on Fox News and he had Secretary of HUD Ben Carson on the program. At the end of the interview, he played a clip of the exchange between Yamiche Alcindor and Dr. Jerome Adams.

He then asked Carson if he was offended by what Adams said. Carson replied, “well of course not.” He continued, “I’m one of those people who really emphasizes what is the thing that makes us all unique, or makes us different?”

“Is it our skin color and our hair texture, the width of our nose? No, it’s our brain. We really need to concentrate on that.” Meade says, “gotcha.”

Carson continued, “When we look at why this disease impacts the black community or the Hispanic community more, it really has more to do with some of the underlying disease processes that have been found for various reasons. And what can we do to eliminate some of those.”

“The crowding in places, the work environments, all these things have a part to play. And when this is over, that’s what we need to be concentrating on, so the next time there’s a big epidemic, there isn’t the same problem.”