AOC Fumes at Likely Antifa Terrorist Designation But Not ‘White Supremacists’

After last night’s round of left-wing rioters tried to burn down many metropolitan cities and intimidate President Trump by piling up in droves around the White House, President Trump has tweeted a major announcement. He is now officially planning to make ‘Antifa’ a terrorist organization.

Fox News Sunday showed Chris Wallace interviewing Minnesota Attorney General and former Deputy DNC Chair Keith Ellison, where Ellison, shows holding an Antifa propaganda piece in the featured image of this article, seems to contradict himself.

He claims that while rioting and looting aren’t good, “riot is the way the unheard get heard” according to a quote Wallace held him to. Wallace asked him if he’s suggesting something good might come from the violence in the streets in Minneapolis this week and Ellison weakly responded “no, the violence really is a negative thing…” before he quickly pivots back to his agenda. Watch the full video from Fox News:

Fox News also reported:

Ellison received some backlash after comments he made Friday in which he instructed protesters to treat the National Guard – who was sent in to restore peace – differently than cops. On Sunday, Ellison confirmed that he believes black people in Minneapolis have reason to distrust or be afraid of the cops.

“There is a history that has been repeated time and time again,” he said. “I want to say that many officers are great people. I know so many of them and I think the chief is an extraordinary person, and the mayor and the council deserve a lot of credit for appointing Mr. [Medaria] Arradondo. But it is an endemic problem in the Minneapolis Police Department.”

Antifa is not new and has plagued the streets of the United States under a false ‘anti-fascist’ premise for years now, contributing to the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia’s 2017 Unite the Right tragedy. As with Twitter, President Trump has been saying he’s going to be getting serious for some time now, but it appears that when it hit too close to home, he took action.

When Twitter censored President Trump on social media he enacted a new executive order to take away some of the big tech social media companies’ power. When rioters showed up at the White House, President Trump finally decided to take action he’s been talking about for a while now.

Despite the apparent hypocrisy from Ellison and others, AOC has fumed over a President Trump’s tweet about labeling Antifa a terrorist organization. AOC fired off:

“I have questioned the @FBI in Congress as to why they don’t use domestic terror labels for white supremacist groups.

They testified that the law prevents labeling US groups as terrorists, w/ severe civil liberties concerns.

Where is that concern today?”

See the tweet below:

All hatred and violence is evil. But Ellison and AOC appear to have their priorities mixed up and also appear to missing the big picture, which is the cities being burned down across the nation RIGHT NOW.

We actually reported on this back in August of 2019, when President Trump said he was giving serious consideration to labeling Antifa a terrorist organization. An excerpt from our old story reads:

After much back and forth in the media and American culture, side-taking and fingerpointing, most people can agree that violence in any name is not OK. With events throughout the United States poorly but loosely representing both political sides, such as the ‘Unite the Right‘ in Charlottesville where white supremacists and AntiFa alike reared their heads, it’s to be noted that some ‘evil’ gets more scrutiny than others.

This morning President Trump tweeted out that, as with any organization who uses violence to push a political agenda, or any agenda, AntiFa being labeled as a terrorist organization is needed…

…President Trump has recently decried other groups such as white supremacists and in the wake of the El Paso, TX shooting as well. No matter what, it seems like it is never good enough for the left and they always try to blame him for things that he has no control of.

Although it seems like many on the right simply want to denounce all evil, the left is afraid to say too much bad about the group AntiFa, and at times has come close to even defending it, such as CNN’s Chris Cuomo when he said that “all punches are not equal, morally“. Cuomo, recently under fire for losing his cool in a viral video, has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

Echoing the silence of the media when right-wing journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by AntiFa activists and got nearly no immediate assistance from Portland Police, most reasonable people could probably agree, ALL violence needs to be treated the same way: unacceptable.

Time will tell how Trump’s designation of Antifa and possible investigations of their members by the FBI will pan out. Meanwhile, most Americans likely just want peace, as the Coronavirus sensationalism gets quickly replaced with racial divisions on main street and television sets nationwide.

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