Teddy Daniels Dominates PA With Explosive Video Views As Critical U.S. House Primary Nears

It seems Teddy Daniels has become the pro-Trump ‘viral video king’ of a critical primary to decide which Republican is going to be vying for the spot to take back an important U.S. House seat from the Democrats.

Complimenting many of his other recent videos, interviews, and public meetings with his passionate supporters, a new radio ad was just released ahead of the Tuesday election this week. In his ad, he says that he plans to send the ‘socialist radicals’, including Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a strong message. His bold final message: “northeastern PA wants a fighter, not a swamper”. Check out the new radio ad below:


Teddy Daniels is a former police officer, who also enlisted in the United States Army and served in Afghanistan. Daniels has been awarded a Purple Heart as well as a Combat Infantry Badge. Daniels was injured in a firefight with the Taliban in 2012. A recording of the firefight went viral and helped Daniels gain notoriety. We have previously reported on him here, and how a video of Teddy in combat once took the internet by storm. If you need a refresher, check that out below:

Top right-wing news site ‘National File‘ recently dropped a piece about Daniels describing some of Daniels endorsements:

Endorsed by groups like Tea Party Nation, Freedom Works, and North East Pennsylvania Women for Trump, Teddy Daniels is surging going into Tuesday’s primary election, and the political outsider embodies the profile of a hard-nosed America-First conservative.

Before the most recent ad, another video was also released which is taking the internet by storm. In this video, where Teddy very strongly tells the viewer “you need to go out and vote” while pointing at the camera, he also appears to have an army of his supporters making a pretty convincing showing. This one is probably even more riveting than the new ad, which is hard to beat, WATCH:

If Teddy pulls off a victory he will go on to run against Matt Cartwright, in a newly redistricted Congressional region that could be any man’s game. According to our previous report:

Trump won Pennsylvania’s 8th District in 2016. Since then Pennsylvania was redistricted in 2018. Although most political professionals expect an extremely high Republican turn out for the 2020 election, which should be good for republican down-ballot candidates, it’s hard to say if the winner of this primary will take the seat back from the Democrats based on the redistricting which may be a gamechanger.

Daniels has gained a reputation for his no-nonsense style, calling out who he believed to be bad politicians and journalists alike, even going so far as to call out a local ‘news’ author for fake news. He has also called the Governor of his state, Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolfe, a ‘jackass‘ for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic earlier on in the cycle. That particular callout resulted in another one of his videos that got many in the 8th district and beyond to gain a newfound recognition for Daniels if they hadn’t already. You can check that one out here, WATCH:


In this new Trump world where nobody thought we would have the president we have at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that we do just a few short years ago, we have learned but one thing, anyone with enough passion and vision can rock the boat and upset the status quo, regardless of the challenges that lay ahead of them.

While no one can predict many of these vicious primary battles, Daniels could be the one to win and take a solid chunk of the keystone state into a new direction for the citizens. People are pissed off, about a lot of things these days in fact, and Teddy knows that, and is tapping in. WATCH:


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