AOC Wants to Drop Medicare Eligibility Age to 0 After Questioning Why Laura Ingraham Is Still on TV

In a pair of tweets earlier today, AOC continues to hammer at healthcare, tweeting that “we need to drop the Medicare eligibility age to 0 right now” because of layoffs due to the Coronavirus.

It was a response to news from Washington Post reporter Jeffery Stein that “30 million Americans could lose their private health insurance over the next few months, per new HMA report.”

We need to drop the Medicare eligibility age to 0 right now.

Prior to that, she had tweeted about Fox News’s Laura Ingraham and her hydroxychloroquine tweet being deleted. She asked, “Why are you still on TV?” The issue with the tweet wasn’t even that the drug didn’t work, it was that the doctor didn’t work at the hospital that he had supposedly claimed.

Didn’t you just put a doctor on your show who faked their employment at Lenox Hill hospital and touted a COVID “treatment” that you tweeted & Twitter had to remove because a man may have died trying self-administer it? I’m sorry, why are you on TV again?

Hector Oseguera, a “progressive candidate for Congress” in New Jersey agreed with her assessment of Medicare by responding, “If anything was going to prove that healthcare shouldn’t be tied to employment status, it’s the #COVID19Pandemic.”

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