‘Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?’ Tucker Carlson Scoffs At Geraldo Rivera Calling Concerns About Illegal Immigrants Bringing COVID In a ‘Xenophobic Reaction’

Tucker Carlson appeared yesterday on Fox News’ “The Five” and scoffed at Geraldo Rivera calling concerns about illegal immigrants bringing COVID into the United States a “xenophobic reaction.”

In a clip tweeted by The Columbia Bugle, Rivera began, “Hey Tuck, it’s a subject near and dear to my heart, I am glad that you didn’t lead with the migrants bringing COVID in as too many reports that I have seen in recent days do.”

Carlson then interjected and asked, “Why?” to which Rivera responded, “Because those overblown health fears are the xenophobic reaction to immigrants since the Irish in the 19th century.”

“Are you freakin’ kidding me? You can get arrested for not wearing a mask in this country, oh spare me,” Carlson lamented as Rivera then provided more examples of prior so-called xenophobia with other ethnic groups.

Carlson added sarcastically in the middle of Rivera’s rant, “Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth.”

Having had enough, Carlson cut Rivera off and asked, “You know, Geraldo, we live in a country where we are being forced to take a vaccine that, newsflash, some Americans don’t want to take, that Americans can be arrested for not wearing a mask because ‘COVID is so serious‘ but foreign nationals break our laws carrying COVID and somehow they’re exempt from the requirements that we live under?”

“That’s not xenophobia, that’s equal application of the law and it’s not happening now and it’s an appalling double standard that every American, including you, should be mad about,” Carlson explained.

Rivera was unconvinced, however, and retorted, “Well I’m mad about exaggeration and hype.”

Carlson responded incredulously, “What? It’s a policy. They are not forcing- look, if you work in the federal government you have to get the vaccine, but if you break our laws as an illegal alien you don’t, why don’t you explain why that’s a good idea to me.”

Rivera then deferred to co-host Jesse Waters as he said he didn’t want to be “the subject” as the clip concluded.

One topic that wasn’t brought up was how it is accepted that Europeans brought new diseases to North America that contributed to the population decimation of the Native Americans.

That fact is generally condemned and exploited by those who want to shame the history of European exploration and expansion.

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