Arizona Senate Passes Measure Making Gun Stores Essential Businesses

The Arizona State Senate passed a measure that makes gun stores essential businesses. The bill passed in a 16-14 party-line vote and is making its way to the State House.

Arizona Republican State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted thumbs up American Flag and three flame emojis with an article about the passage of the measure, which can be seen below:

This measure would allow gun stores to stay open during an emergency. Last year most of the country shut down except for essential businesses. If this bill were to be signed into law gun stores would be able to stay open during periods such as the aforementioned.

The last year of the Covid-19 shutdowns has brought to the forefront the power such an emergency measure has in closing businesses. These closures have decimated many small businesses that can struggle even in the best of times.

Hopefully, this will continue to allow access for those Americans who wish to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights even during emergency situations.

In the article by the Washington Times, Rogers is quoted as saying, “the right to keep and bear arms must be protected, especially during emergencies.”

Meanwhile, a counterpart of hers, Democratic Senator Martin Quezada had this to say about the measure, “the Legislature has much bigger priorities during the pandemic, such as ensuring people get access to unemployment insurance and don’t lose their homes.” This is not to say that Rogers doesn’t also value those as well as Quezada in our view, but she also understands the importance of the 2nd Amendment in such times.

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