Arizona Senate to Hold Official Hearings on 2020 Election Integrity Spearheaded by Michelle Ugenti-Rita

Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, R-Scottsdale has been temporarily appointed to the Senate Judiciary Committee to oversee a public hearing on the 2020 elections. This is being done in the Arizona State Senate.

Republicans in the House and Senate of Arizona have been pushing for this hearing for weeks but it appears that it was dragged out as long as possible for some reason. It’s no surprise or secret that there are enemies of President Donald Trump in both parties, despite his immense popularity with the GOP’s voting base.

State Senator-Elect Wendy Rogers tweeted about the breaking developments:

“It has been brought to my attention that the Arizona senate will hold hearings on the #ElectionIntegrity. Great step and I hope it happens soon! We must move quickly and ensure that we get a full audit of the tabulation machines in Maricopa and elsewhere at the same time.”

J.D. Mesnard tweeted a piece with details about the upcoming hearings in the AZCapitaltimes.

Michelle Ugenti-Rita previously advocated against a system that made it too easy to vote with alternative ways for people who didn’t have legitimate reasons to do so. Many feel that the mass mail-in voting hurt the Republicans, although mainstream sources have pushed back on that narrative and it’s dangerous to make such implications on the major social media sites.

Perhaps she was on to something? WATCH:

Time will tell what comes from the hearings. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign continues to resist concession as they push onward in support of a new lawsuit out of Texas seeking to nullify votes in some key states.

AZCapitoltimes also reported on the hearings in part:

Ugenti-Rita, who has long been the leading legislative Republican on election issues, has also taken the approach of advocating for investigating allegations for the purpose of building confidence in elections, rather than following her colleagues who publicly insist that the election was somehow stolen from Donald Trump.

She will also lead the Senate Government Committee next year, and pledged in a statement last month to take ample time during the session for testimony from election officials, election equipment vendors, poll workers and voters about the 2020 election to guide potential policy changes.

“Whether it is modernizing our election software and equipment, improving the timeliness of election results, updating our voter rolls, or reducing the opportunity for fraud and undue influence, Arizona voters deserve to have an election system they not only believe in, but want to participate in,” she said. “Our democracy is only as strong as our fair and free elections and I am committed to restoring public confidence in the process and outcomes of our elections.”

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