Armed Florida Woman Takes Matters into Own Hands, Takes Out Home Intruder in Self Defense While Waiting for Police After Calling 911

A woman in Clearwater, Florida, which is in Pinellas County, is safe after reports say she used her firearm legally in self defense.

The woman called 911 when 26-year-old Justin William Wright allegedly broke into her home. However, when the intruder began to attack her, she could no longer wait for the police.

Although we’re sure the police did their best, this happens in many such cases. After she grabbed her gun and shot the intruder, ABC Action News reported in part that:

Wright died at the home in the 1600 block of Flagler Drive

…During a press conference, Chief Dan Slaughter said the woman, whose name will not be released per Marsy’s Law, hasn’t even been living in the home for very long.

Chief Dan Slaughter said the victim isn’t thrilled that she had to take such action to defend herself. It’s clear by the story, she was smart and quick thinking and did what she had to, however.

The unnamed woman had not lived in the residence for long, and her neighbors are reportedly on edge.

In a perfect world, we would not have criminals. In this world it’s good that we can defend ourselves if we are thoughtful and vigilant.

In Washington D.C., Democrats are close to passing a gun control bill, but the U.S. Supreme Court could soon issue pro second amendment guidance as well.

Stay tuned for possible updates on this story or second amendment news

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